One artist’s work, two art periods.

His technique is characterised by his originality in the composition and in the harmony.
SERRANO, self-teached painter, demonstrates a constant research
and a great imagination which, combined together, lead to decorative and structured artwork.

He gets inspiration from simple elements from which he develops a new kind of art where
the motif is reflecting itself in perspective whereas it becomes a real imprint.
With his camaïeu, punctuated with intense colours, he brings life and relief to his paintings.

Two art periods.

His first paintings show a huge expressive originality and crown the artist with success.
Speaking of his paintings, Vision des Arts said:
“a real personality as in the concept as well as in the elaboration”.

His second period expresses liberty, strength and move.
His oil paintings are now worked with a knife tool.
It shows the full growth of his painting.